Who we are

Text Box: Kmina expeditions is the tour company which was created in 1996 as a result of  desires of a group of specialized Tour guides, to offer you a different alternative for your vacation; on a passionate expedition crossing the Calchaquíe Valleys, the imposing Andean mountain range and the subtropical mountain range  “Jungle” of northwest Argentina, with its majestic mountains, and the high-plateau with its white blanket.

Kmina expeditions specializes in organizing geo-cultural expeditions with a profound level of information: geological, archeological, mineralogical; with a permanent interaction with the culture—its people, and harmonious Mother Nature.

The expeditions are private and exclusive, for those who wish to travel alone, with  friends, with work companions, or, of course, family.
The expeditions are taken in 4x4 pick-ups or Jeeps, depending on the geography of the territories to be crossed on the different expeditions. If you wish, within your expedition you can take 2-4 hour, or more, hikes, per day; horseback rides; do “extreme” sports such as rafting, bungee jumping, parasailing; parasailing courses; or others.  Also, high quality mountain climbing at high altitude, as well as National Parks: bird habitats, flora and fauna; natural reservations.

Our guides are bilingual and specialized in the different types of expeditions. For each group of 4-to-7 people, there is one guide.  They all are trained in First Aid, and in altitude sickness “Puna”-lack of oxygen in the body due to high altitude.  Meals and lodging are included in each expedition.

According to your restlessness and needs, we create what you desire. Our expeditions maintain a philosophy of “exclusive and private”.

You don’t have to worry about anything, just enjoy.

Tour Area

Text Box: Kmina expeditions specializes in and organizes all types of expeditions within the Argentine Territory. If you wish, you can take an expedition from La Quiaca-the northernmost point, to Ushuaia-The End of the World, following the famous Route 40 from North to South; the Atlantic coast of Argentina; covering the Argentine Mesopotamia from Salta to the Iguazu Falls.

We also organize expeditions to the bordering countries of Chile and Bolivia.

Kmina expeditions offers you the different alternatives to take your vacation “at ease”, without worrying about anything, just enjoying.

Our center of operations is in the northwest of Argentina—”Salta”.

To contact us:

Kmina expeditions

Salta, Argentina

Tel: 54-387-426-2415

Cel: 54-387-404-3326

E-mail: kmina66@galeon.com